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Kermit WoidanDPW Supervisor
JD HeacockDPW Employee

Holly Shroyer

April Smith

Water/Sewer Administration

New Water Sewer Rates Beginning March 1, 2018

Minimum Charge 0-6,000 Gallons
Billed Every Other Month

Water/Sewer Rate Minimum Bill

$25.00 Sewer 

$28.00 Water

$55.00 User Fee-Water 
$10.00 User Fee-Sewer

$118.00 Total Minimum 

              Gallons                              Fee                
7,000-17,000$2.50 per 1000
18,000-27,000$2.75 per 1000
27,000-32,000$3.00 per 1000
Over 32,000$3.50 per 1000

Department of Public Works

              Gallons                              Fee                
7,000-17,000$1.40 per 1000
18,000-27,000$1.60  per 1000
27,000-32,000$2.25 per 1000
Over 32,000$2.60 per 1000

Pick up on Mondays
Garbage Must be out by the Road

by 6:30 AM Monday Morning

Priority Waste

Yard Waste 
Pick up Monday'
Yard Waste should be at the curbside

by 7am Monday
Please Keep Yard Waste 
Separate From The Household

Refuse For Pickup

Clippings must be in a Container or
Brown Yard Waste Bag
Clearly mark the can YARD WASTE
Do Not Place Grass Clippings In
Black Plastic Garbage Bag

Please Place Tree Limbs Cut End Towards The Road.
No longer that 24 inches.

Leaves should be raked in piles at the edge of the road.
Do Not place leaves in ditches.

Please Place on the gravel edge.


After Hours Emergency Contact: 
​Central Dispatch 810-667-0292


Contact Village Office 810-796-2291

DPW Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00 am-3:30 pm


Collection Fee $50

(Accounts on Shut Off list @ 7:30 am on Shut off Day)
Turn On Fee $15
Turn Off Fee $15
After Hours Turn On/Off $80
10% Late Fee
Water/Sewer Escrow: $275
Tampering Fee  $50
​Unauthorized Use of Water/Sewer $50 each occurrence

Click on the Links Below for printable copies of:

Water/Sewer Ordinance 32.7

Water/Sewer Affidavit